We have a big Tuesday  before us.  We have our ‘Boats Out’  day on Sunday the 21st, so this will be our last chance to get some practise in with  ‘Nellie’ and her new electric engine.

Secondly, we must push on with our willow hurdle production so that we have some ready-made to install on the off bank on Sunday. We want to make some in situ on the 21st to inspire  the onlookers but we must have some that ‘we prepared earlier’ in case we ‘weave our withies all wrong’.

Thirdly,  if all goes well we will be meeting up with Drs.  Ficken and Proffitt from the University of Swansea biosciences Department.  They will be advising us on silt samples and analysis  so that we will know how bad the contamination is and what this will mean for the removal of any silt after dredging.

Fourthly, we need to do a ‘reccie’ at the Clydach Heritage Centre to see where we will put our membership marquee and our willow weaving workshop. The latter has to be cordoned off or I am quite sure we will be poking someone’s eye out with our willow whips.

So that’s it.  Not much pressure, then.

Oh sorry, I forgot the crushing and cleaning of  the canal beer cans prior to collection on Wednesday. Any volunteers?