So near, yet so far.  Kelsey Redmore of ITV Wales News e-mailed us. Could she send the weather man, Jack Wright, down to the Clydach Heritage Centre in Coed Gwilym Park to do his forecast from the Swansea Canal while we were out in our boats doing the water borne clean up?

Well, of course, the answer was ‘yes’,  only the answer was a little late by which time the camera crews had been posted elsewhere.  Such is the transient nature of fame and the pressure of  a 24/7 rolling news culture.

Perhaps it is all for the best as the weather has been so hot and the water level so low that we will all probably be grounded like the proverbial  beached whale. Except,  of course, for Gordon in his home-made coracle which will be beached like a giant thimble.

Anyway,  we have been offered the consolation prize by Kelsey of taking our own still pics and sending them to the News room at ITV.  I am confident that the one of us prising Gordon out of his coracle will make it as the backdrop to Jack Wright’s intro to camera on Sunday night.