A Feasibility Study was published in 2002, known as the Atkins Report, which proposed a new route to the Swansea Marina for a restored Swansea Canal.
The following is an abbreviated copy of that proposal. It is taken from the ‘Restoration of the Neath, Tennant and Swansea Canals’ by Atkins Consultants Ltd. published in MAy 2002.

“The canal left from Swansea North Docks and made its way by Landore and Morriston to Clydach.

This part of the route has been lost without trace…..

The alternative is described below.

The River Tawe is practically navigable from the Swansea Barrage to the Fendrod River by inland boats; in 1994 the Swansea Canal Society twice navigated its 36 ft canal boat along the River Tawe as far as Morriston Weir.

Fendrod to Clydach.

A route has been identified using the Nant Fendrod through the Swansea Enterprise Park (including the lake in the park) and then making for the bank of the Tawe under the M4 and adjacent railway, where there is room to accommodate a new canal.

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From here the canal would make its way across fields to pass under the A4067 and then cross the Tawe on an aqueduct to reach Clydach. A short length of canal…would lead to the end of the surviving canal in Clydach.”