David, Michelle, Gill and myself had the great pleasure of meeting Martin Daly and Bea Velthuis this morning at the Virgin Media Call Centre. Both Martin and Bea had been instrumental in organising the joint Work Party we had on October 20th at Clydach Aqueduct. It had been a great success. Martin was particularly complimentary about the speed at which the report and pictures of the day’s work was reported on our website.

They treated us to a guided tour of the call centre which is a superb working environment. We then had a terrific breakfast in the canteen and discussed our future plans for more volunteer days, the first being on Sunday November 17th when we will be working north of Coed Gwilym Park, Clydach.

Martin and Bea were full of great ideas for more long term collaborations and we thank them so much for their input and enthusiasm. To have Virgin Media supporting us in our work of canal maintenance and restoration is a wonderful boost to us all.

Together we can really make a difference to the canal.