Rhiannon Bevan, Water for Wildlife Officer, who visited the canal today (see Plants for Bees Blogtold us that salmon can be seen jumping on the River Tawe, at Godrer Graig.    Rhiannon is leading groups to view this on November 14th and 16th at 11.oo a.m.  She informs us that gentle rain is the best weather to view them in, and November the best time. The salmon tend to jump in groups, so if you wait for a while and don’t see anything, don’t give up, they will go eventually, unless we have extremely high flows on that day, which puts them off a bit.


Here is the link to the information and Rhiannon’s contact details are included.  If anyone would like to join her, please let her know.


We hope to be able to add our own photos to this blog but in the mean time these photos from South Wales Evening Post.

Saturday November 9th

We went along to see the salmon, but they weren’t co-operating when we were there.  The weir was very full and fast flowing, so maybe they were waiting for an easier time. We did see two cormorants, two dippers, three tern, several magpies and a crow though.

After another visit to the weir, we failed to see any salmon.  Rhiannon, who was leading a group of people there, thought it may now be getting a bit late to see them.  They had counted 70 jumping two weeks ago and someone had seen two yesterday at dusk.  It seems the season is more or less over now to catch sight of them, so we will have to wait until next year.