Whitehorn’s Day Care Centre joined us on the Tuesday Work Party, of which they are now regular participants.  As a thank you for their contributions to our work they were given the opportunity to have a go on our new canoes.




Well supervised, on a one to one basis by their support workers, they were kitted out, and took to the water.



They were supervised from the bank all the way by trained  members of the Canal Society, on the tow path and on the water.



Resulting in a great experience for all concerned.  We were grateful to receive an email from Lee Esqualant from Whitehorns :

‘This was a fantastic experience for them and one that I am sure will remain in their memories for life. They are all enjoying the work on offer…..This project is really making a difference in people’s lives.’


The volunteers are only too pleased that the service users and support workers are all enjoying themselves.