I see this is our our hundredth posted blog. We started posting on 3.7.13 and everything we have done since then has been photographed and written about. I don’t think any of us thought we would be hiring out canoes and kayaks back in July last year. What progress! And what a magnificent effort by all our members.

Easter Sunday turned out to be the coldest and wettest day of the holiday but our volunteers turned out in force. How good to see so many young members too helping out with the boats. We are beginning to feel practised hands now and we ought to be considerning extending the length of the canoe section to make it more attractive to the paying customers. A sight at least of the Trebanos Locks for them should be our aim.

It is good that we have started our project in April. By the time the weather warms up we will be more organised and practised. We still need more helmets for the very young and our walkie-talkie technique needs honing but overall we are doing well. We keep the customers safe and, most importantly, we all enjoy what we do.