Without the use of an Aquaclear mechanical weed cutter, progress is slow in clearing the channel between the two Ynysmeudwy locks. We have spent three Tuesday mornings there and we could spend another three and still not completely remove the vegetation that is encroaching into the canal and making it dry land.

But just when you think you are standing on solid matter your wellington disappears into the mud and silt with a gloopy suddenness. After this had happened to me I moved into the water borne safety of ‘ADA’.

Not that many reeds can be pulled up on water. But it looks picturesque and gave John a chance to get some different shots on his video.

No, the only method to clear it all is a combined onslaught with drag fork, drag hoe, Aspen rake and the rope rake thrown from the bank. Gordon, Sam, Sue and and Andy give a demo of how to do it while Gill makes notes of the various techniques involved.

The next photo show what we achieved and the last what still remains.