We are now in pre-Waterways Recovery Group mode. So the majority of our work will be done at Trebanos Locks to prepare the way for the volunteers who will be arriving for the two week summer camp on July the 12th. Any work done south of the Lower lock at Trebanos will also be beneficial for the extended route of the canoes.

We made a start there by clearing the exit of the by-wash as it pours back into the canal proper. The rush of water is quite a sight and it is not seen to best advantage while litter and silt obscures it.

Alan, Gordon and Gareth worked hard at dragging the silt back into the bank………

…..and they were later joined by our friends from the Whitehorns Day Care Centre.

When we broke for tea and biscuits I got this shot of some of our combined team. We will be back again in the same spot next Tuesday.