A group of about fifteen Year 10 pupils with their teachers from  Cwmtawe School  met us at the Trebanos terminus to help us tidy up the area. After donning the necessary PPE and a chat about the risks, we spilt into three groups.

The first walked back along the piped section to the litter black spot just off  the path near the subway and collected about seven bags of  refuse.  They left without a camera to record their efforts but well done to them.

The second group  used loppers and shears to removes the bramble and nettles encroaching on the flight of steps up to the Swansea Road. Another five bags of potential compost was cut.

The third group with life jackets on assisted us from the tow path as we netted the many old cans that collect on the bed of the canal here. Again about five or six  bags of cans were filled and the aliminium  will be recycled.

The morning’s community work is part of the Duke of Edinburgh Award curriculum which  some off them will be  working towards.

Thanks to all the boys and girls who took part and to Hayley Jones who organised it all at Cwmtawe School.  We hope all of them will be back soon to help us again.