Val Jones brought a group of six pupils and five teachers to the canoe store today to try out  our canoes and kayaks. The individual sit on top kayaks were very popular and these were preferred to our make shift rafts of two canoes tied together. As you can see, though, the  two seater canoes were  also used.  We were all impressed by the  paddling skills of the boys and girls and it was great to see the pleasure  being  on the water  gave them. We will definitely try to make this a monthly event.

Our friends from Whitehorns Day Care Centre, who also joined us, have previous experience of using the rafts, and were happy to use  them again. As ever they worked hard for their trip, having collected litter from the tow path all the way down to Clydach Lock.  We thank them for their continued support.

Up at Lower Trebanos Lock which the canoes will one day reach,  Gordon, David, Gareth, Alan, Michelle and Colin continued to prepare the site for the Waterways Recovery Group  two week summer camp in July. Gordon carried on from last week’s silt removal by  fixing willow posts and some withies to protect the new line of the off-bank.

Slowly, the Lower Trebanso Lock is being made ready for its two week make over.  It is hard, muddy work but it will mean far more can be achieved when our visitors arrive from all over the UK on July the 12th.