The Canal and River Trust have now installed new stop planks across the top end of both the Lower and Upper Trebanos Locks. This means that, once the planks have passed any H&S inspections, the lock chamber in both locks can be entered and work done in them during the two week visit of the Waterways Recovery Group starting on July 12th. The chambers can be cleared of silt and debris while the coping stones that have fallen into the chamber can be recovered. Lastly, the walls of the chambers can be repointed. An excavator is likely to be hired to do the heavy lifting.


Kevin and Rhodri donned their full Jacques Cousteau gear for the day though the look was rather spoiled by Rhodri’s choice of flat cap accessory.

They both worked very hard to get all the planks in by lunchtime.




In the afternoon they then completed the removal of the old planks at Upper Trebanos Lock (above) and had replaced these by teatime (as ever provided by Gill Thomas, our resident Brewmaster).

Many thank to all the CRT staff who did such a good job in difficult conditions.