After several weeks working on the southern section of the canal we moved up north to the railed and gated section by Herbert Street, Pontardawe. There was a build up of duck weed and Canadian pond weed there which needed taking out as well as a lot of litter.

We welcomed Sophie Preston to our volunteer ranks (above). Apart from clearing the weeds from the railings and tow path she has, by her mere presence, dramatically reduced the average age of the Work Party!

Once more Rhodri donned his onesie dry suit and ventured into the murky waters of the canal. Armed only with a weed razor tool of some antiquity he hacked and cut boughs, branches and weeds and sent them all down stream where Gill and the rest of us pulled them into the waste ground.

Colin Williams (foreground, left) is another new recruit….

….as is Paul Rapsey (above) who lives just as few yards away from the Aqueduct.
It is wonderful to get new members and we appreciate the enthusiasm and hard work these volunteers put into the Swansea Canal.