Day One: Sunday 13.7.14.

There was such a full house of WRG volunteers, Canal and River Trust staff descending on the Trebanos Locks this morning that the Colliers Arms Car Park was bursting at the seams by 10.00am. The adjoining lane lay-by was then used as an overflow park (excuse the mental image conjured up there) and eventually order was restored.

After some administrative and strategic delays (Where the hell are the ladders? Where the hell are the handrails?) work began clearing the soil from the wing walls of the Upper Trebanos Lock (above). Our wonderful volunteers come not only from the UK but from Europe and even Africa. The lure of the Swansea Canal has tempted young people Italy, France, Norway and South Africa to step in our soft silt for two weeks.

Meanwhile at the wailing wall that is the Lower Trebanos Lock Chamber, David and Dave (yes, I have managed to remember two first names already) were asked to remove all traces of weed root apart from moss) from the wall. They have also been asked to paint coal and sew mail bags. They will be out in four years.

And this is a frog! We disturbed him and his mate in the Upper Trebanos Lock. We apologise profusely to them.

Day 2 : Monday 14.7.14

Day 3 : Tuesday 15.7.14


Day 4 : Wednesday 16.7.14

SCs buffet lunch in the Trebanos Rugby Club grounds.


Day 5 : Thursday 17.7.14

Pint and curry night at the Wern Fawr pub and the Curry Nights.


Completed work : Week One


Lime mortar repointing of the lock chamber in Lower Trebanos Lock.

The wall between the two locks rebuilt and new sleepers placed on top.

Wing wall of the Upper Trebanos Lock partially rebuilt.