No doubt about the main talking point this week. Which way exactly is this boat heading? I hand over the oars to Alan and the next minute it has two captains. Is this some kind of metaphor for the current coalition government or just a complete lack of seamanship. The latter, surely.

What exactly are Ship’s Entertainments Officer Cassie Ward and Tubmaster Alan Williams up to here? One should be in a kayak with those paddles and one should be….well, definitely somewhere on terra firma.

Of course, it is all apparent now. It is a stunt for the press. A photo opportunity of the worst sort. No good will come of pandering to the national red tops (or in this case the South Wales Evening Post). A cheap publicity recruitment drive no less. Shame on the two of you.

Ah, I see that at least some good has come of it. Several bags of discarded cans, and plastic and…ah yes, looking closely at the backdrop used by our intrepid cub photographer in the earlier shots, heaps and heaps of Canadian Pond Weed removed from the canal at Clydach Lock.

All right, all is forgiven but really, Cassie, if you try that pirate outfit on again on the Swansea Canal you will not be allowed near our boats…ever. Got it.