We had a visit to the canoe store from our local PCSOs and they gave us very helpful advice on security. We will be acting upon this immediately

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Martin was given a refresher course by Gordon on how to operate a throw line. Martin either holds on to both rope and bag or lets go of the two of them together. This is a worrying habit if someone is going under the water for the third time. The trick, of course, is to hold the rope in one hand and throw the bag with the other…..

….simples. Next lesson is how to walk in a straight line.

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We also welcomed our newest volunteer Barry, who pitched in and helped in all aspects of the canoe work, either on foot, in water or by bicycle.

Matt Blue, our canoe expert consultant, came along to see how we had progressed since last March. He seemed very happy with what he saw.

Adam was with us for the last time this summer as he starts his teacher training course in Bath this week. Many thanks, Adam and good luck with your studies.