Newsletter – Summer 2014
Welcome to our Summer Newsletter, which we hope will give you a synopsis of the work that we are involved in and what we hope to achieve. New members and volunteers are always welcome to join us.
More photos, further details, reports and events are on our website.
Canoes and Kayaks

The Hire Project has been running successfully for over two months now. Many people now join us on a regular basis and it is good to see the fun that families are having on the canal.
The project is run by a small group of volunteers, and anyone interested in helping them would be very welcome.

Cwmtawe School Pupils on the Canal…

A group of six pupils and five teacher came to Coed Gwilym Park to try out our canoes and kayaks.
…and Volunteering
A group of about fifteen Year 10 pupils with their teachers also from Cwmtawe School met us at the Trebanos terminus to help us tidy up the area.
Whitehorns Day Centre

Our friends from Whitehorns, who join us each Tuesday, like to use our rafts. As ever they worked hard for their trip, having collected litter from the tow path all the way down to Clydach Lock. We thank them for their continued support.
Linking the Swansea, Neath and Tennant Canals.
Using the 2008 Urban Development Plan maps showing the protected route of the Swansea Canal, volunteers walked the route north from Llansamlet to Clydach .
This vision of the Swansea canal once more reaching into Swansea must be pursued. There are many examples of the great economic advantages of the restoration of derelict canals.
Youth Volunteering Certificates:

Two of our younger volunteers, Tomas and Sam were at the Mansion House, the Mayor’s official residence, to receive a certificate as a recognition of youth volunteering Swansea.
Wildlife and Wildflowers
Spawning Lampreys – a first for the canal

By pure chance we saw this group of spawning Brook Lampreys
That’s really good news as they have never been recorded on the canal before, and at very few locations in Swansea before.

On Going Work
Work Parties
Our Tuesday work parties continue and we have enjoyed the support of new volunteers, who work hard in all weathers to maintain and restore the canal

Waterways Recovery Group
Our two week Summer Camp for the Waterways Recovery Group starts on Saturday July 12th. We will all be working at the Trebanos Locks again and hope that the extra week this year will allow for even more restoration of this historic monument.
An Artist’s View of the Swansea Canal
Bryan Moss, a local artist, is painting a series of pictures along the Swansea Canal. This is one from the series.

Anyone interested in commissioning a painting should contact the society for details.
Please visit out website where you can read our blogs and find out what is happening on our events page, plus get up to date information on the canoes and kayaks.

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