We were pleased to welcome a sizeable contingent of Canal and River Trust staff to assist us on Health and Safety, Risk Assessment, and Environmental Appraisal matters. We convened in the children’s playground in Trebanos Rugby Football Club grounds for an impromptu meeting. We thank Cassie Ward (Volunteer Co-ordinator) and Sophie Cockayne (H$S Officer for organising and leading the meeting, and to John York (Chief Engineer, Kevin Philips (Waterways Manager), and David Viner (Heritage Officer) for attending.

Exhausted by our discussions we then took the opportunity to form an orderly queue for the first water bus trip boat from Trebanos Lock to Coed Gwilym Park, due, I believe, in about ten years time. We were able, while we waited to impart the decisions of the meeting to the other members of the work party.

Gareth took due heed of these H&S regs as he prepared a lime mortar mix for the new wall at Trebanos Lower Lock. Either that or he is incredibly worried about the spread of the ebola virus.

The new wall, tiny but perfect, was built under the supervision of David Viner, and his instructions were followed to the letter by all except yours truly, who insisted on cleaning his long handled bull nosed shovel, with its residual layer of lime mortar, in the canal. This is a bad thing.