The popular stone jigsaw puzzle competition continued along the final three hundred yards of the southern end of the canal. Above Gordon sorts out the edge bits for Rhodri…..

…who takes on the very difficult mass of grey sky which put this puzzle into the ‘difficult to impossible’ category.

Last years champion, David ‘The Fitter’ Henry, was already into one complete corner of the abstract Rothko inspired ‘Off-White Serenade’.
He says, “I am not so much a stone puzzle solver as an artist in rock strata”. His pet hate is pretentiousness.

Down below Lower Trebanos Lock, Andy and Carl, who were knocked out in the first round were given silt shifting duties…..

….. and completed a back fill to an existing wall in the UK and All Comers record time of two hours twenty four minutes. Mmmm, nice sheen, you two.