Work Party 18.11 (12)

More hard work on the off-side, on-side, tow-path side, and in and out of the canal between the Clydach Aqueduct and the Clydach Lock. It seems unending because not a tool has been raised in anger these past seven or eight years. But we will get it back to order by sawing, brushcutting, lopping, dragforking, grappling and just pulling it out with our bare hands till it gives up.

Work Party 18.11 (10)


We are having trouble getting out the trees that have branches growing into the water and which have then re-reoted in the channel.Buddleias and willows are prone to do this and soon the channel is just a gutter. We will be back next week doing exactly the same as we have done for the past five weeks. We will prevail.


Work Party 18.11 (8)