I was going to go on in my usual boring way about how much we all enjoyed the superb buffet and get together at Gills yesterday when an e-mail I received made all my puny efforts irrelevant and unnecessary. It is of course yet another wonderful note of appreciation from Lee, the manager at Whitethorns Day Care Centre.

Hi Martin.
I would like to say a massive thanks to the Swansea Canal society for the last year and especially to Gill for today’s wonderful buffet reception. The three guys (Paul, Sarah and Floyd) are absolutely beaming and to say that this is probably one of the most positive days for all of them is a great understatement. Floyd will never forget this day and how he has been included in such a special and welcoming celebration. This further demonstrates the power of partnerships and working in collaboration. Long may this continue and here’s to the Canal Society going from strength to strength next year and beyond. I speak for all at Whitethorns when I say just how much of a positive difference the Canal Society has made to Floyd, Rhys and Kristian not to mention the staff , Gareth Clarke and Gareth Watson, who also attend.We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and an even Happier New Year.
Please pass this e mail onto Gill and the other wonderful, hardworking and supportive members of the Swansea Canal Society for me.
Many thanks
Lee Esqulant

Oh and we even managed a couple of hours work too and here is the photo to prove it.


Work party 16.12 (2)