Work party 20.1 (5)

At last, after eighteen months of looking very much like a white elephant (same colour, trunk-shaped and just as heavy) the pontoon has been used in anger. With the electric engine on ‘Nellie’ (how appropriate is that name)  and Gordon at the helm, John and Gareth towed it  down from the Aqueduct to Clydach Lock.

Work party 20.1 (2)Work party 20.1 (4)

It was used to transport the piles of mud and vegetation taken out of the canal over the last few weeks and left on the tow path verge. Now we could move it all in large quantities, far larger than is possible by wheelbarrow. In truth it was a bit like seeing a barge at work taking freight down the canal.

The elephant  works. It will be back next week, same place, same time.