Saturday 7.2.15.

It is Library day. Clydach Library are offering us a table and chairs for giving out our welcome brochures and membership forms.   The library opens at 9.30. Karen has volunteered to  be there  for a couple of hours in the morning although it is not necessary for the table to be manned all day. However, if you can afford an hour or two to press the flesh as well, please do so. Martin and Liz will take the brochures down for Karen and Michelle is printing off some membership forms.


Sunday 8.2.15.

Meeting at Clydach Heritage Centre in Coed Gwilym Park, Clydach at 10.00am to discuss the coming canoe season. Please come along and offer your  help in making  our canal Sundays so much fun. The new season starts on the last Sunday in March.


Tuesday 10.2.15.

The Work Party meets at 8.15am in Brownsters Cafe, High Street, Clydach for tea and toast.  Or meet up with us at 28 Hebron Road, Clydach at 9.o5 where we will be loading all the tools. As a third option you can join us on site at 9.30am between Herbert Street Bridge and Holly Street Bridge, Pontardawe where we will be judiciously and carefully thinning the offside vegetation  where it impedes the flow of water whilst preserving all the wildlife habitats.


Tuesday 10.2.15.

Joint Sustrans/SCS/CRT  meeting to discuss the future transformation of the Old Highways Deopt in Pontardawe Road, Clydach. Both the short term planned  improvements suggested by Sustrans and the long term aim to restore the canal and lock under the depot will be discussed.  The meeting is at the Vadre Rugby Club, Hebron Road, Clydach at 6.30 pm. in the back downstairs room.