Clydach lock 26.5 (45) The carefully maintained wildlife habitat on the offside of the canal opposite the car wash north of  Clydach Lock has proved its worth. A pair of moorhens have nested in the reeds and two of the eggs have successfully hatched. We managed to get a number of shots of  aparent and one of the chicks, of which these are the clearest.




Update  28th May: I had underestimated the survival rate of moorhen chicks. There are, in fact, five chicks alive and well from the same nest. I had my camera ready to prove it, but they refused to do a group photo.


Clydach lock 26.5 (49)

Moorhens 29.5 (2)Moorhens 29.5 (3)Moorhens 29.5 (4)Moorhens 29.5 (5)Moorhens 29.5 (6)