Warren Ponty Paddlers (13)
Warren Ponty Paddlers (10)

On a warm, sunlit evening, we were delighted to welcome over 20 of the Pontardawe Paddlers to the Swansea Canal.
They launched all 12 of our canoes so, for the first time this year, every canoe was out on the water. Warren Huxford led the canoeists of all ages down the canal where one was deliberately upturned to give the three paddlers in it some rescue practice (well, that’s what they told me, anyway).

Warren Ponty Paddlers (8)Warren Ponty Paddlers (6)

The canoeists, instructors, parents and one stray dog brought life, colour and excitement to the canal. Gill and Gareth gave them all tea, squash and cake on their return to the canoe store and this obviously tipped the balance in their decision to return again next week for more. They will be most welcome.