WORK PARTY 23.6 (10)
The beautiful weather brought out our volunteers in great numbers. We had two main aims; to start repointing the lock chamber at Clydach and to clear some of the canadian pond weed north of the lock. We achieved both of these aims. The lime mortar mix was made up at the Hebron Road depot and brought on the trailer in large buckets. This saved having the concrete mixer on site where space is limited. It is a source of satisfaction that we have now commenced repointing in both the Lower Trebanos Lock and the Clydach Lock.

Great progress was made in increasing the flow of water down the channel north of the lock. If the Pondweed gets too dense then the water to Vale Inco nickel works is reduced and production is threatened. More importantly, the fishstocks in the canal are at risk.


WORK PARTY 23.6 (17)WORK PARTY 23.6 (16)