Walkers 18.8 (4)Our friends from the Ammanford Walkers’ group made the long trek by foot and bus to enjoy an afternoon on the canoes with us. Though they endured  a difficult journey both arriving and leaving (their buses failed to turn up), they were fortunate in choosing the one day of the week when the sun shone and torrential rain held off.

The raft proved popular and half of the group were safely launched with Gill on board as skipper. The rest of the walkers took to the water in two-seaters. A buffet lunch was waiting for them when they returned provided by the legendary SCS Catering Department. The Friends of Clydach Heritage Centre also opened the Centre for the afternoon, and this, together with a packed childrens’ playground, brought the whole park  to live.

It would be lovely to say that the walkers will be back soon but the Ammanford bus to Pontardawe  is to be withdrawn from service next week so it is another blow for public transport in the area. We do hope that they will find some way of returning to the canal, be it by foot, canoe or car.

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