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The day began with the exciting news that the dredger had arrived. The rush from Brownster’s cafe to Ceri Bowden’s yard was a headlong dash and there, before our eyes, was the Behemoth complete with tank tyres being led gently down from its carrier. There was some talk amongst the excited onlookers that this huge monster might be just….well, a bit too big for the canal but the naysayers were firmly put in their place. As events would show, however, the sceptics were to be proved right and a day later a slightly smaller version of the Dreadgenaught was sent to replace it. This lithe mobile terrier of a Dredger can be seen in the Work Party round-up for 8.9.15.

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Recovering from our excitement we made our way to Trebanos Lock where the foundations of Walker’s Wall and the repointing of the Lock chamber awaited us. The sleepers had arrived and these were carefully placed on top of the sand bags at the bottom of the wall. The Whitethorns Day Care Centre reserve force arrived just in time to assist with the rope supports attached to the sleepers and they heaved and hauled them into place.

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