WP 8.9 (6)
Here is the lightweight Batemag 360 Dredger in all its glory wallowing in the canal just by the Mond Golf Course. An unfortunate choice of berth as a rookie sliced a twenty foot drive off the 14th tee and broke the very expensive concave rear window. However, it looks well at home here amongst the six foot or so depth of silt. The waste will be placed behind something called Nikasam meshing held in place by FSC poles at the side of the canal so it will provide a good growing compost.

WP 8.9 (5)
The work on Walkers Wall, meanwhile, winds on. Stone has now gone on top of the sleepers and, by golly, it is looking good. This is proper Civl Engineering.

WP 8.9 (2)
Lest we forget, there are those hidden in the vastnesses of the Lock Chamber who work without thought of recognition or glory, endlessly pointing and carrying huge stones and metal bits of tat out of the lock bottom. They too will find honour amongst their countrymen.