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Neath Port Talbot Mind is a mental health organisation based in Neath. They are part of the network of Local Mind Associations in England and Wales who work for better mental health by providing a range of services. About ten clients and staff visited us in Coed Gwilym Park to try our canoes. We had the catamaran (sounds much more classy than ‘raft’) lashed together and that proved popular, so together with another four people in two individual canoes they took to the water. When they returned Gwyn and Jean of the Clydach Heritage Centre had kindly opened up the Centre for tea, coffee and cake for them. Julia Carter, one of the Mind carers, said that they had all thoroughly enjoyed themselves and they will definitely be back again.


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Meanwhile, further up the canal great work was being done on the wall and steps at Trebanos Locks. The sleepers were put in place for the steps so there will be no more slipping and sliding into the canal.







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It is a sign of our progress as a Society, that we were able to open up the canoes and get on with the wall at one and the same time. It is a great joy to see two aspects of our work providing satisfaction both for our own volunteers and the local community.






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