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We were joined by some of the Fault Management Team from Virgin Media Call Centre in Llansamlet today. If they are as diligent in mending faults as they are in working hard in filling sand bags, mixing cement and carting great loads of stone around Trebanos there should be a lot of satisfied VM customers out there.


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With their enthusiastic help we took the level of the new wall up to unimagined heights. Well, all right, up to tow path level. Which means, of course it is now ready for the coping stones to go on top next week. Down below they put sand bags of stone dust and cement under the new steps as a reinforcing foundation. While all this was being done, large quantities of sand bags were being filled with silt from the canal to form a coffer dam round our next work site, the repairs to the base of the lock on the off-side.



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There was time for some refreshments and we were joined by the our friends from Whitethorns Day Care Centre which boosted our combined work force to about forty. Surely a UK and All-Comers record for numbers attending a Tuesday Work Party. Good times, indeed, for the canal. We thank each and everyone for their tremendous work.








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