cement mixer 1

wall 1We looked quite the professional building outfit as we loaded the mixer up with stone dust and cement for an 8 to 1 mix for the foundation sand bags in the paddling pool behind the coffer dam of the wing wall. This is not a sentence I would have dreamt of writing some years ago when litter picking was the be all and end all of our aims but the Work Party have progressed to a stage where I can bandy these terms around with aplomb and not a little smugness. The paddling pool is the odd man out. It is a derogatory term for the new wing wall work area as it should be completley dry but, I fear, we have not yet mastered the technology of our new pump. We will have to wait a little longer to work in desert conditions.


This did not stop the laying of the sand bags there and the cementing of the stone on the tow path Wall. Such was the rate of production of full sand bags that the coffer dam site was ready for the sleeper to be laid on top of the bags before close of play. And we still had time for some litter picking too.


Costains ‘R Us.