wall 1 Our AGM was held last night at the Vardre Rugby Club in Clydach. Both Hywel Lewis (pictured left) and Andy Ellis’s appointments met with unanimous approval. Hywel volunteered to be our Membership Secretary and Andy Ellis, having been proposed and seconded by existing Trustees, was made our seventh Trustee.

The post of a specific Membership Secretary has not been held before. The duties have been done by Secretarys or Treasurers in the past but we need to make better contact with our membership and only by keeping all their records and subscriptions up to date can we ensure that Newsletters and SCS information reaches them. Hywel has been a member for less than a year but his hard work manning the canoe store and restoring Trebanos Lower Lock is well known. He is a great asset to the Society.

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Andy Ellis (far right, in male model pose) has been with the Society a little longer. He and Sue come down from Scotland a couple of years ago and they have worked their wellies off (sometimes literally) for us at the Tuesday Work parties ever since. Andy joined up with Alan Williams to form a Funding Sub committee about a year ago and their success is measured in the many hundreds of pounds they have successfully applied for already. Andy’s home made mint choc cake which he provided at last Tuesday’s Work Party was probably also instrumental in his appointment. His common sense, measured responses and baking prowess make him an ideal Trustee.