Trebanos Lock 27 Dec 15 (3)

Not deterred by the quite atrocious conditions of driving rain and strong winds, the Lower Trebanos Lock work party finished levelling the ground on the by-wash island. The porous membrane was then laid on top of this and after a delay waiting for the slate and gravel chippings to be delivered by lorry to the site, these were scattered on top of the membrane. This will prevent too much invasive vegetation taking over. The job is not yet complete. Far more chippings are need to give the whole surface a uniform appearance and an illusion of depth but, given the conditions, this was a remarkable achievment.

It was far too wet to take photos so you will just have to take my word for it all (or pop along and have a look for yourself).

A second work pary ventured into deepest Pontardawe in the monsoon conditions to clean railings, pick litter and weed the daffodil beds.

A big thank you to one and all.