A rare picture here of the the lengthman,s hut at Upper Trebanos Lock taken in 1967. Long gone, I fear though we still have the last one standing at Lower Ynysmeudwy Lock courtesy, of course, of the fantastic work done by the SCS ‘founding fathers’ in the early nineteen eighties.

Sorry, I digress. We will yet again be working on the Trebanos Lower Lock on Tuesday the 9th of February. Though we may have lost the lengthman’s hut in the 1970s we discovered only last week the remains of the quadrant arc on the island. It was buried under several decades of leave litter and soil. We need more chippings to complete the surface of the island but we will have to decide how to work round the newly found quadrant. It has a peculiar groove running through it. This may have something to do with the wheel balance constantly wearing away at the stone as the lock gate was opened.

Meet either at Brownsters between 8.00 and 9.00am or on site at 9.30.at LOWER TREBANOS lOCK.