H&S canoe training day Hywel, Warren and David

Ah, spring has come, at last. What a day to kick off the canoe season. In balmy temparatures, we were lucky enough to have not one, not two, but three qualified instuctors to lead a Water Rescue and H&S training session. Take a bow, Hywel, Warren, and David. Such knowledge and such committment.

H&S canoe training day

Similarly inspired, the volunteers, new and not so old, turned up in their droves (well, in their twenty fives, at least. Not everyone is in the picture, if you are counting). We were shown how to prevent all the possible accidents that can occur getting boats from store to canal, how to get customers into buoyancy aids in the canoe store, and from thence into canoes and kayaks. Throw line techniques were demonstrated and tried out. Don’t aim for the flailing victims, you could knock them out, and try to get it within their grasp were suggested as the basic requirements. The latter instruction was easier said than done and meant precious time was wasted making a second throw.

David rescued H&S training day.

While we were getting a false sense of our own competence, David surprised everone by capsizing his own canoe to see what we would do. Full marks to Jo, Elle and Toby who were quickest out of the blocks and pulled him to safety. David did have sufficient time in the canal, however, to assess just how deep the silt is! Answer, pretty deep.

A big big thank you to all three of our wonderful instructors as well as to Hywel and Gill for organisng the event.

The season proper starts on Easter Sunday at 11.00am. Last hire at 2.30 pm. Full details and conditions are on the website under Canoe Hire.