Andy pointing the wall.

This week a work party of fifteen eager volunteers enjoyed a lovely bright and sunny day, to continue re-building a stone wall along the towpath at Clydach Lock. This work provides an excellent opportunity for volunteers to gain experience in heritage wall construction and pointing with lime mortar.

Our ‘mix masters’ this week were Gareth and Nigel. Their efforts ensured a constant supply of mix for the gang building the wall. Gordon was on hand to encourage the team and provide guidance with the pointing. One more working party should see this project completed.


Gareth working on the wall with Andy.Gordon and Gareth building the wall

Martin and Paul planting williows

Volunteers, Martin and Paul were busy planting hybrid Willow cuttings along the off-bank of the canal above Clydach lock. These native marginal plants will re-enforce the coir rolls that form a natural edge to the far bank. The full impact of the planting will be seen later in the year.


Mike with his bag of litter
Mike and David had a successful litter pick along the tow path above and below the lock. This section of the canal is looking quite splendid now and passing walkers were wholesome in their praise to the efforts of the Canal Society.
Our numbers were swelled by the arrival of the White Thorns volunteers who helped in the clean-up. Tea or coffee and a piece of cake was ample reward for the hard working team. Next week we return to Clydach lock to finish the job.


Blog and photos by Michelle