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This week we returned to Clydach lock to continue building and pointing the wall along the tow path.


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Volunteers  worked on the off bank under the watchful eye of a heron perched in a tree above them. WP 22.3 (2)

Meanwhile John did a ‘sweep’ along the tow path. Other volunteers worked at preparing the canoe store for the opening on Ester Sunday.




Volunteers, Nigel and Toby were busy checking elevations in and around the lock chamber using an optical ‘Dumpy’ level and a measuring staff. This data is cross-checked against historic records to ascertain the depth of the lock chamber.

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Work continued at a pace on the re-building of the wall, with Gordon providing the ‘heavy lifting’ with some of the larger stones. He enjoyed a few minutes R & R during the break for tea and coffee.

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Volunteers David and Toby were busy preparing the wall for repointing.

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The following day the pointing was ‘knocked back’ with a stiff brush, the walls were washed down and the work site was left tidy, safe and secure. One more working party should see the walled topped off and capped.




Blog and photos by Michelle