WP 29.3 (5)This week a working party of fifteen volunteers headed back to Clydach lock to complete the re-building a stone wall along the tow path. Great progress was made this week and volunteers Hywel and Gordon were able to lift the final few larger stones into place. The honour of placing the ‘last stone’ on the wall went to volunteer Paul.

WP 29.3 (8)

A hardy little bay tree is growing at the base of the wall on the sunny side. Miraculously it has survived falling masonry, our ‘size 10’ boots and spatters of lime mortar. It will make a fine feature as it grows and received some TLC from one of the volunteers.

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The by-wash was rather clogged up with leaves, branches and litter. A few minutes with long ‘drag fork’ soon got things flowing nicely.

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Volunteers Alan, Gordon and Martin were busy discussing plans for organized fishing at points along the canal. Gordon is clearly optimistic about the size of fish that he hopes to see in the canal.

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After a few hours of work in the sunshine we were ready for a break. Alan had arrived with the cakes(!) and we paused for tea and coffee.
The wall is now looking quite splendid, and is a credit to the team of volunteers. Capping stones will be added at a later date when we have sourced a sufficient quantity to do the entire wall.

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Blog and photos by Michelle