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This week the wall along the tow path at Clydach lock received some much needed pointing by members of the work party.  Volunteers Martin, Gill and Jerry were early on the site and got things going.  David and Bob were busy preparing the wall for the pointing.  Once the lime mortar mix was ready, work commenced.  Martin, David and Bob soon completed the job,  and volunteer Paul cleaned things up with the aid of a wire brush.

Meanwhile, up at the canoe store in Coed Gwilym Park…..

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The rest of the volunteers were busy repairing the canal bank adjacent to the boat slipway.  The team of Gordon, John and Gareth secured specially treated timbers along the edge of the canal.  These are bolted down onto tow-path ties positioned at right angles to the canal.  Ever resourceful,  volunteer Gordon adds the finishing touches with an improvised ‘thumper’.


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We all gathered for tea, coffee and cake along with the volunteers from White Thorns. Their group leader presented the canal society volunteers with a decorated paddle with the very appropriate wording “working together”.  Volunteer and stalwart worker Mike typified the great satisfaction and pleasure that is so much a part of our Tuesday working party

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Blog and photos by Michelle