Work party 3.5 (5)
This week the working party focused on the Trebanos stretch of the canal and enjoyed a day of glorious spring sunshine. We numbered twenty two volunteers and six from the White Thorns.
A group led by Gill headed up to Trebanos Fields’ to gather in fifteen bags of bottles and cans previously collected by the White Thorns volunteers. This detritus gets washed down through the piped section of the canal from Pontardawe. It is now destined for recycling.
A hundred metres downstream a small group led by volunteer Michelle tackle a tributary stream that has created a large gravel bed partially blocking the channel. Evenly spaced willow branches are set vertically into the silt.  Esther and Gill are weaving supple willow cuttings between the stakes to create a barrier that is porous to water, but will hold back some of the gravelWork party 3.5 (8). Then the hard work begins as the accumulated gravel bank is dug out restoring a good depth of water.  David surveys the scene and collects up the tools. A couple of hours of work next time will complete this exercise.

Work party 3.5 (2)    Work party 3.5 (4)
Further downstream Gordon and his merry little team continue with repairs to the canal bank where ‘wash holes’ are undermining the foundation of the towpath. The bags are filled with gravel dug from the canal, mixed with a ‘weak mix’ of cement and then carefully arranged along the bank. This line of bags follows the original footings of the bank, and will be topped off with stone.

Work party 3.5 (3)


Work party 3.5 (1)A break for tea, coffee and relaxation was called. Volunteer Jan enjoys a coffee and a gentle swing, while our fastidious fund-raiser Andy, takes a well-earned rest


Work party 3.5 (11)


This young plant was spotted growing along the side of the canal. Any ideas as to what it is? Answers on a postcard to……. Or come along and join us next week. Many thanks to all.

Work party 3.5 (10)

 Blog and photos by Michelle