The working party this week set out to repair and raise a length of canal bank located about 100 metres north of the Coed Gwilym Park in Clydach. The first photo, taken early in the morning, shows how the water level is far too close to the top of the bank.Work Party 10.5 (6)
Volunteers from the canal society were joined by a team of 8 volunteers from Virgin Media.


Work Party 10.5 (1) Massive bags of stone dust for the repairs had been deposited at the entrance to the park, so the first task was to de-cant the material into sandbags and barrow it down to the mixer at the canoe store.

Work Party 10.5 (5)Work Party 10.5 (4)Work Party 10.5 (11)


Once cement had been added to the stone dust in a weak, dry mix, the bags were transported to the canal bank.
The team from Virgin Media were amazing. They rose, as one, to the challenge, shifted 4 tons of stone and never stopped smiling!




Work Party 10.5 (8)


Work Party 10.5 (7)
Down at the canal’s edge, a team led by Hywel was busy laying rows of sandbags to raise the bank. This was then back-filled by Sue and Toby. Between them they repaired about 70 feet of the bank. There is more to do next week but the photo shows the vast improvement that the team have made to the canal. The plan is to top off the bags with flat stone.


Work Party 10.5 (9)
Alan, one half of our vital Fund Raising Team, set off in a kayak to do some litter picking along the off-bank of the canal. Work Party 10.5 (3)Meanwhile, Esther and John did a sweep along the towpath side.Work Party 10.5 (2)
We gathered for a tea and coffee break at the canoe/kayak store in the park. Gordon expressed his appreciation of the hard work and enthusiasm of all the volunteers. A good spirited effort by all concerned. Many thanks.Work Party 10.5 (10)Blog and photos by Michelle