Work Party 17.5 (7)This week the working party was augmented by eight volunteers from Virgin Media and together we continued the repairs to the canal bank just fifty metres north of Coed Gwilym Park.


Work Party 17.5 (12)
The work started when five tons of stone dust were deposited next to the entrance to the park. The first task was to fill sand bags with the stone dust and barrow it down to the mixer.
The team members from Virgin Media were great, and in no time at all they had the last of the stone dust bagged up and carted away.
In addition to the volunteers, Virgin Media sent one of their archivists along this week. He was equipped with camera, tripod, and sound recording gear. It gives an indication of the commitment by the company to the ethos of volunteering in the community.

Work Party 17.5 (4)


Work Party 17.5 (11)
Down at the Canoe Store in the park Gordon, Gareth and Nigel were busy mixing cement in with the stone dust. The canal-side team of Sue, Gareth, Andy and John were doing a tremendous job of repairing the damaged canal bank.

Gordon looks on approvingly as he surveys the 35 metres of canal bank that has been vastly improved by the marvelous effort by all the volunteers.

Work Party 17.5 (15)
Esther donned the required buoyancy aid, and joined Alan and Gill for an impromptu paddle in one of the Canal Society canoes.


Work Party 17.5 (9)



Work Party 17.5 (5)


We then gathered for tea, coffee and lively conversation, while Gill and Gordon posed by one of a multitude of new notices that have been erected along the canal.





A great day! Thank you everyone.


Blog and photos by Michelle