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This week the working party continued the repairs to the canal bank just fifty metres north of Coed Gwilym Park.
Three hardy young canal navigators, Bob, Martin and Paul lashed together two canoes to create an improvised catamaran, then headed up towards Trebanos Locks to collect a dozen bags of gravel which was needed to make repairs of the canal bank.
On their journey, they came across Michelle who appeared to be doing a spot of fishing, using a rake! She was in fact taking readings of D.O. (dissolved oxygen) in the canal water. This is part of a Canal and River Trust project to monitor the water quality in the canal.


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Back at Coed Gwilym Park Gordon was busy mixing up a gravel/cement mix to go in the sand bags.
Sue and Andy, assisted by David, Esther and Paul were carefully placing the final layer of gravel bags along the bank of the canal. Over the last three working parties at this site 9 tons of stone dust has gone into 270 sandbags to repair 70 metres of canal bank.


This has been a tremendous effort by all concerned. Many thanks to all. You deserve your cup of tea and slice of cake!!


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