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The Swansea Canal Society was pleased to accept an invitation to a cruise on the Copper Jack today, in honour of the launch of their     new brochure, along with local dignitaries and AM’s, plus other invited guests.  We met with  John Davies, a Trustee of the Swansea Community Boat Trust and David Morgan from the Canal and River Trust,  on the quay side, while photographs were being taken on the slipway.


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Once on board, the Community Boat Trustees explained the future plans for extending the waterway to the existing Swansea Canal in the north, and into the Prince of Wales docks to the east.  We were able to talk to two visitors from Florida and Texas, as well as the local politicians, while refreshments were offered.


Copper Jack 10.6 (8) The Trustees showed us  a copper ingot smelted by Vivian and Sons of Swansea, recovered from the wreck of the  Benamain  which sank off the Gower coast in March 1890, plus a small ingot made at the copper works from the wreck of the Earl of Abergavenny.  Copper Jack 10.6 (11)




Thanks to everyone for a very enjoyable and informative cruise. The new brochure is available from various locations in Swansea.  The link to the website is: