Work Party 10.5.16

Work Party 10.5.16


Tuesday 27th September 2016: Work Party meets at Forge Fach Centre Cafe, Hebron Road, Clydach between 8.00 and 9.00am. We will be working from 9.30 at Coed Gwilym Park. We will lay the coping stones which Virgin Media helped collect from  Trebanos Lower lock last tweek; these will produce a stone finish to top off the cement and stone dust sand bags we laid in May and June.

Thanks to the Friends of Clydach Heritage Centre, the Heritage Centre will be open this morning and we will use the building to address and stamp envelopes  for the letters that will be sent out to all our members about our change of status from a registered Charity to a Charitable Incorporated Organisation. This change took place on August 24th and allows us to take the freehold possesson of the canal buried under the Old Highways Depot in Clydach. This 120 metre section of canal (pictured below) has been very generously gifted to us by the City and Council of Swansea . Please bring spare pens along!


We will also be joined by staff of the Canal and River Trust who will be publicising their Share the Space, Drop your Pace’ Campaign. 

This encourages everyone to be considerate when using the towpaths. Canals and rivers can be very lively spaces.  Cyclists, walkers, boaters, anglers, and kayakers need to  remember all the other users when on the canal or on the towpath. You can read more on this campaign on:-