img_20161004_111742035Well, we have made a start. Enclosed inside its portable shuttering is our first five yards of decorative tow path coping edge. You will remember the great wall of sand bags that was laid down some months ago along the canal edge north of the canoe store in Coed Gwilym Park.  No, well here is what it looked like.

Work party 24.5 (2)That is the yardage we have to make attractive.  So, a fair way to go, you may rightly say. Anyway,  firstly you put the shuttering on the sand bags, then add the stone dust and cement mix and, making sure it is all level, you can start to lay your crazy paving in the mix. Wait a few hours, remove your shuttering and, et voila.

img_20161004_111736056We did a total of two lengths of shuttering. But we will get faster. Promise.