img_20161129_130851319_hdr100 yards complete, 20 yards to go.  So  good reason for the trowels-up sign. We are nearly there in completing the towp-path edge at Coed Gwilym which will help prevent flooding. However, we found a few more yards of edging that were quite low so we added more sandbags to the existing wall this week and we can lay the coping stones on it when it has hardened off next week.

trebanos-29-11-16                                                                 Above: Extra sandbags being filled with a stone dust and cement mix.

                                                               Below: The finshing touches being put to the ‘crazy paving’ coping stones.


                                                                 Below: The entire length of the restored edge. This week’s work, still not set,

                                                                                              is protected by red and white tape.

img_20161129_141920717_hdrPhotos by Martin Davies and Martina Engler. Martina chanced upon us with her camera on the towpath and took some delightful photos. There are more on the Home Page.