Highways Depot (1)

This building is built on top of a lock on the Swansea Canal. It was buried along with 100 metres of the canal in 1973. Now  that  the site has been given to the SCS by the City and County of Swansea,  both our Society and the Canal and River Trust are determined to restore it. Today we started the long journey. Nothing will be wasted. Gordon and Gareth cleared the rooms of all useful items before the building’s demolition. Ceiling tiles, insulation felt, the alimimium partitions, and the fluorescent tubes will all be reused, or recycled so it took  a whole day to carefully clear the room. Even an old tea urn was given a spit and polish and will be used for the numerous tea breaks in our canoe store.

Highways Depot (2)Gordon and Gareth then went to collect the 135 fencing poles that the SCS bought at auction near Hereford. These will make the HERAS fencing secure and attractive when we come to start restoring the old towpath. It will also ensure that Sustran National Route 43 is safe for all walkers and cyclists while we improve the path. We will be working closely with both Sustrans and Glandwr Cymru (the Canal Trust in Wales) in all our restoration work.

As the cliche goes, a  long journey always starts with the first step. We have taken it.