Highways Depot                 Not too much work, actually, but we did a bit of prep anyway. Until the mains utilties are isolated from the building to be demolished and we have delivery of the HERAS security fencing, and we know  when the demolition firm are ready to go, we can but tinker.

Here Gordon, Gareth and Toby solemnly hold a token first wooden upright pole in place. The poles will hold the security fencing round the building and ensure the cycle path remains safe and open. We have 135 of the poles. The manual digging of the first hole told us that a pneumatic drill will be needed to do the rest. We have one. There is tarmac on top of concrete before we reach soft soil beneath.  Anyway. once we had taken a souveinr photo, we removed the  pole and filled in the hole again.  A Bernard Cribbins song about a hole in the road came immediately to mind.

Job done. And undone. But knowledge gained.